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What our families say about Marsman Music

"The Music for Young Children program with Marsman has made a huge impact on our son.  In just a short period of time he has developed his musical abilities, but most importantly to me, he has gained confidence in himself being around others in a structured classroom.  Seeing him up on stage for the recital was a very proud moment for me.  Every week he looks forward to his class and the staff and teachers always make him feel at home as soon as he walks in the door." ~ Stephen F.

"Everything is so hard when you start learning at a late age but I’m doing it for the enjoyment only. I look forward to my half hour on Monday afternoons and Chris is very patient with a slow learner." ~ Geraldine N.

"Tykia's guitar teacher Caitlin is AMAZING. Her ability to teach is remarkable. She taught my daughter to understand and play the guitar in two lessons. Her great attitude and passion for music and teaching shines as bright as her beautiful smile!!! My daughter has nothing but great things to say about her experience and is always happier after her lessons! Thank you Caitlin and Louis for all the great vibes!" ~ Charlene T.

"Our children have been part of the Marsman Music family now for 3 years and until this day they love to go to the studio to play and learn without hesitation.  Marsman Music has great programs that cater to young minds. The instructors are very professional and friendly. We feel that it has been an enriching & rewarding experience for our children. We highly recommend Marsman Music School for every child and parent who is looking for quality, fun and enjoyable music lessons. Keep up the great work and thank to the staff at Marsman for all your hard work and dedication." ~ Heidi G. 

"We've been trying to find a good music school for our 9-year old for a while. From the moment I walked into Marsman I felt a home environment, everyone was so friendly and welcoming. We decided to have our son try for a month and see how he would enjoy piano classes, he developed such love for music we were impressed and had to continue lessons. His piano teacher, Johnson is amazing because he encourages him weekly and we're making such great progress. Best of all, he's having fun.  We are so pleased with Marsman music. Thank you so much!" ~ Cynthia M.

"My son Arjun is 5 yrs old and he has been learning keyboard at Marsman Music for the past 9 months. This is the place he loves going every week, he gets very happy and excited and waits for his class on Saturdays, due to the fun filled music that they teach him in Marsman Music. In fact Marsman is very special for us as a family as this is the first place my son started his liking and interest in music. The love and support that he gets from his teacher Caitlin makes him love music and the music builds confidence in my child. I must say Caitlin is an amazing teacher and she is GREAT with kids, I guess it comes naturally to her. Last but not the least, the support of the other staff is very friendly and great." ~ Tanmoy G.

"Most of you who are considering signing up with Marsman Music are doing so for your kids, to give them an excellent grounding in music they’ll carry with them for life. I can attest that this is exactly what has happened for my son and daughter. My son studied piano with Johnson, and my daughter took vocal lessons, and both of them developed a love of music they’ve carried into playing in a marching band that plays in community parades. I’m firmly convinced it all really began with the wonderful teachers they had at Marsman, who patiently nurtured their sight reading skills, musicianship, and confidence as performers. Their instructors struck a perfect balance between nudging, refining, and celebrating their successes.

But I’d only be telling you half our story if I stopped there. I’ve been studying music at Marsman too since September 2011, and it’s been a truly joyful experience. Taking music lessons as an adult can be challenging given all the demands on one’s time, but if you’ve been thirsting to learn to sing or to play an instrument, there’s nothing better. With Tanya and with Johnson, I studied piano for the first time in my life – in my 40s – and can now play at the RCM Grade 5 level, which has given me a wonderful new pastime I can pursue whenever I’m in the mood. When practising piano at that level became a bit too demanding for my schedule, I switched to vocal lessons and now study with Caitlin. What a blast! Together we’ve tackled some truly gorgeous, technical pieces from the Royal Conservatory, but on weeks when I’m running on fumes, we sometimes mix things up with some old pop songs or tunes from the movies. Whatever I’m up for trying, my instructor is right there with me, gracious and accommodating. If you’re into a little performing, there’s lots of room for you on Marsman’s recital stage, too, alongside musicians of all ages. Trust me, if you’ve been seeking to bring more music into your life, it’s never too late, and I can’t recommend Marsman’s team highly enough." ~ Deanna T.