Health and Safety

Valued Families,
Due to the current Lockdown, all of our lessons are being delivered online for the time being. Please visit our Online Lesson page for details on our excellent online lesson delivery.

Once we are permitted to reopen and deliver lessons in the studio, the following health and safety precautions will be strictly adhered to.

*Please note that it is not mandatory for students to take lessons in the studio; you are welcome to continue online lessons (fully online or hybrid) if you so desire after the lockdown is over. The health and safety of our families and staff is of utmost importance.


Safety Precautions

  1.  We will sanitize pianos, doorknobs, and all other high contact surfaces after every lesson.

  2.  We have re-engaged with our professional cleaning company to resume weekly deep cleaning of the entire school.

  3.  We will remind students to wash their hands before and after lessons.*

  4. Our studios are big enough to facilitate social distance, and we will maintain a 2 meter distance from students during lessons, and to maintain a contactless lesson.

  5. Students must stay home if you have any concerns regarding health or disease transmission and or signs of COVID-19 (cough, fever, difficulty breathing, etc.)

  6. Staff must stay home if they have any concerns regarding health or disease transmission.

  7. We will remove some seating from the lobby to restrict lobby seating so that only one parent or family member can wait.

  8. Additionally, please wait in the car if your child is old enough to go into the studio on their own.

  9. Lastly, just to be on the safe side, although we can maintain a minimum of 2 m distance in the studios, everyone will wear a face covering and/or face shield** for the time being.

*As mentioned in point 3, hand washing with soap and water is important to eliminate the risk of disease transmission through contact with contaminated surfaces, but we will also have bottles of hand sanitizer throughout the studio for customer and staff use.


**Regarding vocal lessons, we concede that it is not practical to sing with a mask on. Therefore we will have complimentary face shields (one per student) available for our vocal teachers, and students who do not have one. There will be no additional PPE cost charges attached to your tuition.


This is a fluid situation and we need to be flexible to move back to 100% online lessons if necessary.


We sincerely appreciate your business and support. We will continue to strive to deliver excellent lessons and customer service both in the classroom and online.