Our programs at Marsman consist of customized private lessons and dynamic group classes.

Private Lessons

Through private study, our instructors have a great opportunity to connect directly with their students.  We do a skill evaluation at the beginning of every private lesson sign up, and then craft a succinct plan of action with the student’s playing goals in mind.  We also set dates for progress reports to gauge how our students are coming along with their progress.  Students can prepare for Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) exams from beginners right up through grade 10 the ARCT if they are interested in doing so. Another great curriculum offered at Marsman is the Christian Conservatory of Music, Canada (CCMC).  All books and materials can be ordered at Marsman, and are normally delivered within a few days. And for adult learners, it’s never too late to start; we’ve had students enjoy music right into their 80’s with us!

Get in touch with us today and book a trial private lesson with one of our incredible instructors.

Group Programs

Our group classes are simply fantastic!  The Music for Young Children program is offered in a small group format so that we can maintain quality and a premium experience.  So you have to act fast to reserve your spot!

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