Scarborough Pickering Best Piano Lessons

Caitlin Holland

Caitlin Holland has been singing as long as she could speak, and music has always been her passion. A graduate of St. Lawrence College's musical theatre program, she has also studied acting and dance with the same love she has for music. Best known for her work with the band Top Notch and the Caitlin Holland Band, she also sings and performs in a variety of venues, ranging from Magenta in the Rocky Horror Show to the award-winning Cantala Women's choir. Caitlin has been teaching children's music, music theory, voice and guitar for 4 years, in both Ontario and South Korea. She now studies piano and mandolin to further expand her musical horizons, and lends her voice and songwriting skills to as many different projects as she can be a part of. Studying music and theatre plays an important role in developing cognitive and creative thinking skills for kids (of all ages), and so not only does she continue to challenge herself but challenges her students to reach their fullest potential.

Sanaz Nakhjavani 

Sanaz Nakhjavani has played piano for more than 25 years, with most of her training being done through the Classical medium.  

Sanaz holds a diploma in piano from Tehran Music School, then continued her studies at Soureh Higher Education Institute, where she obtained my B.A., Music

Sanaz then moved to Istanbul, Turkey to pursue a master's degree which I completed it in 2010.  Immediately after completing her M.A., Sanaz continued her studies to obtain a Ph.D., Music at Istanbul Technical University. Her study towards her Ph.D. is still in progress.

Sanaz has also played and Iranian/Turkish instrument called Kanun for over 15 years. 

Sanaz is passionate about teaching piano and has a wealth of teaching experience including having have taught in several institutes in Iran and Turkey. As a performer, Sanaz has several performances on both Piano and Kanun in Iran and Turkey and played in several albums.

Sanaz is also fluent in English, Spanish, Turkish and Farsi.

Desarae Facey

Desaraé is a gifted and versatile musician with such a rare style and charisma, who continues to make her musicalmark in the Greater Toronto Area.She isa York University and a Western University graduate with specializations in music education, jazz, gospel, R&B, classical and Caribbean styles of music. Desaraé is an Ontario Certified Music Teacher, teaching in the Primary, Junior and Intermediate Divisions with the Toronto District School Board, alongside having over 10 years of experience in music instruction.With every lesson that she delivers, Desarae strives to encourage, uplift, inspire and motivate students through a love of music in order to help them reach their full musical potential. Her goal is to ensure students receive the best learning experience possible that allows for a greater growth in their musical craft.

A heavily sought after and highly respected musician, Desaraé has played live for audiences who are truly inspired and amazed by her musicianship and musical abilities. With her magnetic personality and ambitious drive, Desaraé has affected the lives of many she has come into contact with and she often refers to herself as a “lifetime student,” as she continually seeks for knowledge and has a desire to share it with others. Desarae currently lends her talents to and is the lead musician at Progress Church, a community-based church located in the Kingston Road-Galloway Road area of Scarborough, Ontario and continues to leave her inspirational mark where ever she shares her gift.
In everything she strives to do, Desaraé’s life goal is to “inspire lives, one music note at a time.”

Johnson Tam

Johnson Tam has been working and instructing students since the age of 12.  Recently graduating from the Concurrent Teacher Education Program (CTEP) - Music, he received his Bachelor of Music from the University of Toronto, and his Bachelor of Education from the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (OISE).  He is also serving as alumni of the Arts York Program from Unionville High School in Markham, holding the Melody Adams Award and Music Award.

Finishing up his Royal Conservatory of Music studies on piano and violin at 10 and 16 years old respectively, Johnson is currently working to complete his Grade 8 flute studies.  He has performed in many notable venues, including Toronto and Richmond Hill's Center for the Arts, the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto, and Markham Theatre.  He has also traveled to cities such as Ottawa, Beijing, and Shanghai to perform.  On his own time however, he enjoys staying at home and improvising to current hits and is anticipating to create a music portfolio with his pieces in the coming future.

Johnson primarily works with violin and piano students at Marsman Music and is adept in both Classical training and popular music workshops.  He highly values students whom consistently show effort and passion in their lessons and show willingness to improve their own playing.  His lessons focus on students' self-reflective learning, musicianship training, and character building, while Johnson serves by giving constructive comments and feedback as a professional musician and music educator.

Kirkland Russell

Kirkland Russell has been studying woodwinds and piano for thirteen years and has been teaching music privately to students of all ages for four years. He has also taught at summer camps as well as special needs sports programs. His love and appreciation for music and teaching has driven him into the music education field at the University of Toronto, where he is currently extending his musical studies in the institution’s 5-year concurrent teacher education program. 

Specializing in woodwinds and piano, he has extensive experience and knowledge of both classical and jazz music/pedagogy and loves music of all different styles and genres. His performance experience extends to weddings and fundraisers, and he presently holds the first saxophone chair in the University of Toronto Wind Symphony.